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I don't..

I don't understand it.. at all. If I could've understood the words, maybe. It just got on my nerves very quickly. Good artwork though. *shrug*

Spoony-McSpoon responds:

It's an in joke.

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I love it. I get to abuse something I can never really hurt. I especially love the grenades. Seriously.. make more games like this. This is fun!


Granted, it could be better. But it's still a time-killer. And it's not *that* bad, I've seen a lot worse.

There are a good bit of options, and I like the set-up.
The graphics are so-so (except for the clothes, I'll get to that.)
The background images are random, but of good quality. (and to be so small..)

The clothes are.. poorly done.
The hair could be better, granted.. it's not *that* bad.
There's no catchy music!

Overall, I give it an 8. It's not that bad of a game, honestly. It just needs a tiny bit of improvement!


I usually despise text-based games. But this one was different. It's a little hard, but it's fun :)

Keep up the great work !

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Just fantastic!

Semaphore responds:

all thank to Exzez ;)


Amazing! Everything I've heard by you is. You've got some mad talent. This is probably one of my favorites. It sounds very dark, and yet also quite cheerful at the same time. Never ceases to amaze me! WHY aren't you famous by now!?

Keep up the great work!!

Semaphore responds:

I do my best

great thank to you =)

Simply fantastic.

I was pleased to find this just as I began to get rather stressed. Very very relaxing, it is. Color me impressed! Perhaps there would be more peace if others listened to this ;)

Semaphore responds:

let's hope for the other =D

thank you very much Glitch1507

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The head is far too small, along with the shoulders. The arms are far too big for the shoulders. The stomach is too small compared to the arms. The arms look like they belong to a much bigger woman, and to make the arms look better, you would have to expand the stomach a good bit.
The nipples look strange. They're far too red, and I don't get why they have a slit in them. The expression is very.. insane. It looks as though she is mentally disturbed. The breasts are abnormally large.. especially with so small a body. And if you're going to make a female with large breasts, make sure there is enough shadow around and under to make it look better.

Some areas look very realistic, and aside from the expression, I really like the head and face. I do think the hair is very well done, and I do think the background is great. It's a little strange for this particular piece, but I think it's interesting, nonetheless.

I think it's a really great piece of art, but I think it could use some work here and there. And I hope you'll take this as constructive criticism rather than a cut at your work. Your work is rather impressive, and I hope to see more in the future. We can only learn from our mistakes :P


This is incredibly strange and gloomy.. but I totally love it.

Very nice

Looks a lot like him.. I dig it. ;)

I'm squishy.

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